Saturday, March 30, 2013

Passing Arrangements

Hello All!
Sorry I've been a bit incommunicado recently; preparations for the Big Move segued a week ago into my return to work, checking in to the "pool" in Norfolk.  I have this weekend off, and will be catching-up on some housekeeping and doing some volunteer work at the Virginia Living Museum, and perhaps (if this beautiful weather holds) a bit of star-gazing tonight with a few friends.

I'm living in our house in Newport News; Lucy and I drove down two weeks back with a big U-Haul trailer full of stuff we really didn't want to entrust to the tender mercies of the movers--crystal, the telescope and music-box collections, and quite a bit more as well.  My Sweet One has since gone back to NY for the last month of occupancy in our house up there, and to supervise the Move itself, and then (in early May) she'll be coming down here again--this time to stay a while!

On Monday I'll begin the training I need to be able to competently perform my new duties as an Operations Chief; firstly a week of Helicopter Control Officer school in Norfolk, to be followed by a series of operations and communications courses.  Oh, and I'm due to renew my firefighting and survival quals as well...April looks to be a very busy month!

Stay tuned...


Friday, March 8, 2013

Watch The Skies...

Just a heads-up for the astronomically-inclined; this evening is the time to begin looking for Comet PANSTARRS! It should be visible soon after sunset for the next two weeks or so, low in the west. Look about a hands-width above the horizon. (you'll need to find a site with a clear western horizon and few lights to interfere with the view; a pair of binoculars would probably help as well). Remember, a comet DOESN'T "streak across the sky"--so don't be seduced by passing airplanes or other fast-movers. If you don't see it on your first attempt, don't give up--over the next week or so the chances of spotting the comet should improve. Good luck--and let me know if you see it!