Monday, June 12, 2017

Observing the Shining Moon

We recently had a distinguished guest here in the Arabian Sea.  The Japanese destroyer Teruzuki, one of the thriving international community of warships that patrol these waters, came alongside for fuel and an exchange of friendly greetings. As is always the case when we have customers from other nations' navies on the approach for replenishment, curiosity ran high about the new neighbors come to call!
Teruzuki's helicopter photographs the proceedings
Teruzuki means "Shining Moon", a name which I can certainly appreciate. She is quite the impressive warship, with what this sailor judges to be a well-balanced mix of offensive and defensive weapons systems and sensors.  Even more importantly, she appears to have a capable, professional crew who leaped into the task of refueling their vessel without misplaced step or wasted movement.
Taking fuel
As I've mentioned on occasion, I've always been fascinated with the ships and Sailors of other navies. It's become clear to me over the years that, though we do the same things in the performance of our duties aboard ship and for our respective nations, we all do them differently.
It's been said that variety is the spice of life; I find this very true in the fraternity of Sailors, the worldwide order of Naval ships and people.  After all these years at sea I find myself still drawn to the rail when an unfamiliar mast breaks the line of the horizon--Teruzuki is only the latest of a long, long line of ships with which I have fallen in love over the decades!
...and proceeding on duties assigned.

One of the beautiful photos taken by Teruzuki's helicopter