Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Ready In All Respects..."

Newport News
Bags packed and set out on the porch, passport securely tucked in jacket pocket, taxi en route; in a few minutes I'll start out on yet another voyage in yet another ship.  It's been over two months since I've felt felt the roll of a hull and heard the whine of engines beneath my feet, and it's time to return to that world.  I'm ready.

And even now, with over two decades' time cruising in a dozen types of vessel behind me, I can feel the old tension building within me.  It is a familiar sensation, composed in part of curiosity about my new ship and my future duties within her and in part of anticipation--the pleasurable mixture of expectation, the tingle of worry that every new employee in a strange company, every new suitor on the first date is has known.

Will I measure up to my new command and Captain's standards?  Will this be a good "fit" of mariner and vessel or a "square peg" situation?  Will I be happy as a member of Supply's crew or will I count down the weeks and months until, disappointed and disillusioned, I can carry my gear down her gangway?

In other words, will this nautical Blind Date be the successful beginning to a new chapter in my seagoing career?  I certainly hope so, but I've sailed enough to know that sometimes it doesn't happen that way.  I can only do my best, whatever position I find myself in, and wear my "game face"..

My cab is here, and it's time to go.

Mare Est Vita Mea!

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