Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ready in All Respects for Sea...

Finally, I've received orders...I'm to report in two weeks' time for duty aboard USNS Alan Shepard, T-AKE 3, and I'm quite pleased by this assignment.  Not only is my new ship named for a personal hero of mine, first American to launch into space and fifth to walk on the moon, but she has a great 'rep' in the Fleet.  I've been hoping for several weeks to "score" these orders, and when the folks in the front office told me I had to restrain myself from a celebratory fist-pump!
USNS Alan Shepard seen from USNS Arctic, 2011
I'll be spending most of the next two weeks helping Lucy move our accumulated goods down from New York to Virginia, but already I feel the old excitement.  I'm headed back to sea again, and this ought to be a good one!

Mare Est Vita Mea!

USNS Alan Shepard, 2011

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