Friday, November 1, 2013

Shadows at Dawn

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick note here to invite all hands on the U.S. East Coast (or close to it) to enjoy Sunday's (3 Nov) solar eclipse.  This will be a "hybrid" eclipse--for those of us fortunate enough to be able to see the event this means that only a portion of the sun's disk will be obscured by the moon's rounded bulk--and will be visible only at sunrise and for most of an hour afterward.  Still, it's pretty impressive stuff, and well worth the effort of rising early on a day off!
One caveat: when you gaze at this event you are literally staring at the SUN, the radiant energy of which can quickly cause permanent damage to unprotected eyes.  So be sure to protect 'em--if you don't have a properly-filtered telescope or binoculars drop by your local hardware or welding-supply store and pick up a couple of #14 welding lenses.  These will protect your eyes and allow a great view of our eclipsed star. 
Tom Epps

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