Sunday, June 21, 2015

Planetary Pavane, Part 4; If At First...

I hope you all had the chance to get out and admire the gathering of Luna, Jove and Aphrodite in the western sky yesterday evening.  I was clouded-out here in Newport News; the best I could manage was a ghostly crescent moon seen through the trees at about 2130 local time.  So I missed the show--last night's, anyway--which actually happens fairly often as astronomy is probably the interest/hobby/passion/avocation most likely to be affected by the weather!

There is, of course, tonight.

This evening the show will continue, with Jupiter continuing to close in on Venus and the Moon moving eastward past Regulus.  Remember, this conjunction (actually a series of them) is taking place over a period of weeks; each night will bring a different display to our eyes.

So keep watching; the best is yet to come!


  1. I'm curious - if you are using Aphrodite to refer to Venus, is there a reason you don't say Zeus for Jupiter? (or Selene for the moon, for that matter)?

  2. Curses--Caught out again! You have discovered my weakness in the presence of people who actually know of whence they speak/write! Now I must hide myself beneath the Opera House until I dare show my face again!!

    (I always feel like that stupid bad guy on "Kim Possible" at these moments!)