Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 2017: The Chase Begins

Well, it's official! After forty years of breathless anticipation (okay, I admit I DID breathe occasionally!) I have entered the "Serious" phase of preparations for the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. Made reservations for Lucy and myself at a B&B in South Carolina (two years before the fact--gotta love that!) and began a campaign to encourage friends and family to join us there for the Big Event.

In addition I have begun beefing-up my telescopic and photographic wares and running endless laptop "sims" of the event, just in case the Primary Site clouds-over on the day. If that happens I (and a few hundred thousand other lunatics) will have a plan in place to make a run for whatever clear bit of sky is within driving range!

As mentioned above, this is the opening volley of "Serious" preps--as we get down to months and then weeks before the eclipse you'll see me go through "Urgent", "Frenetic" and finally "Banging-Head-on-Walls" stages. Of course, the fun will REALLY start on the day of the eclipse--21 August 2017--when other guests at the B&B will have the pleasure of watching me melt down!

All part of the life of the Eclipse Chaser--and yes, I DO have the T-shirt!

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