Friday, January 15, 2016

What Am I Doing In San Francisco?

What am I doing in San Francisco? Well, week or so
ago I was sitting in the MSC Pool (in Norfolk) and
got word that I would be flying-out to meet a ship
the following day; the rub is I usually get assigned
to ships actually IN Norfolk or deployed from there
to the Med or Persian Gulf--so I was mightily
surprised to learn that I would be going to a tanker
in San Diego...odd, but okay!--packed my laptop,
grabbed my go-bag, rubbed the puppies and smooched
Lucy and was soon airborne and enjoying the joyous
fun of $12 Paninis and a LOUD baby in the seat behind
me until I Got to S.D. and went aboard my new ship
only to learn that instead of a 4-month (or longer)
tour of duty I would only be aboard for (at most) a
few weeks; just long enough to take a cruise up the
coast to Oregon where the ship will be going into
drydock for a few months and ME coming aboard with
100 lbs of gear and personal effects! Got underway
for the Oregon Trail a few days later only to find
our path blocked by the Pacific version of a Perfect
Storm which forced us to perform the maritime version
of "Duck and Cover" until the blow ends. So here I am
in San Fran waiting for the weather offshore to
moderate and wishing I knew somebody in the area or
at least that the local amateur astronomers had some
kind of event a meeting or something going on this
weekend because I'm broke and bored and it's raining
and I forgot to pack deodorant OR any decent shirts
oh well I suppose I'll just have to spend the next
week or so binge-watching X-Files...and THAT is how I
came to be in San Francisco!

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  1. Portland isn't that far from Seattle, Tom, and we're not that far from Seattle. The door's open should you have time!