Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quick Post: Ammonites and Meteorites

Lucy examines the wares of an interesting gemologist from Hawaii
Today Lucy and I went to the "Treasures of the Earth" gem and mineral show at the Convention Center in Hampton. One of the Center's halls was filled with booths displaying jewelry, stones, fossils and other mineralogical goodies from within the Earth--and without! Part shopping expedition, part museum, and a nice way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Lucy ended up finding an ammonite ring which almost exactly matched her earrings and pendant, and I walked away with yet another Campo del Cielo meteorite fragment for my small collection. We thought about the cast of a Mosasaur jaw, but decided against it as potentially furniture-breaking as well as hideously expensive; even so, we had a good time!


  1. I just want to say that I misread your blog post title as "Ammonites and Mennonites" and wondered if your travels had taken you to Amish-country.

  2. Well, I HAVE been through that region a few times over the years, but never saw an Ammonite there! Perhaps I was too busy trying to pass that horse-&-buggy!!