Monday, April 25, 2016

Quick Post: Chasing Mercury

I hope all of you are going to make an effort to take a look at the Transit of Mercury, coming up on May 9th. The innermost planet will pass between the Sun and Earth, appearing to slowly cruise across the solar disk over the course of about seven hours. The dot that is Mercury will be quite small so a telescope will be required.
WARNING! Do NOT look at the Sun under any circumstances without a professionally-made solar filter properly attached to the telescope. Permanent eye damage will result! Smoked glass and welding lenses are NOT enough. WARNING!
If you don't have a telescope (and proper filter) I strongly recommend you look up your local astronomy society, planetarium or observatory on the Internet. Make contact and see what events are scheduled for this exciting and impressive opportunity to see Mercury in broad daylight!
For those in the Hampton Roads area, we will be observing the transit from the grounds of the Virginia Living Museum (VLM) in Newport News. Come and join us!

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