Sunday, May 22, 2016

Quick Post: Telescope #8

A little solar observing at Mariner's Museum Park
I drove across the water to Norfolk the other day to help a fellow with his telescope. He was trying to use WAY too much magnification and was very disappointed in what his 'scope showed him. I tried to talk him down from that ledge but it turned out that he'd already made up his mind to give up on observing for now. At the end of the evening he pretty much THREW his ETX-90RA at me! So now I have yet another Mak-Cas telescope--and an impressive set of eyepieces and other accessories--for the price of two hours' driving and a stop on the way home at Subway!

By a strange co-incidence I've been thinking lately about a inexpensive unit to carry overseas when the Navy sends me to one tanker or another! It is truly amazing how steady the air can get in Bahrain...

I've been out for a couple of sessions of solar observing and I'm happy with the scope's tracking capabilities, but it's a bit off optically. Well, on my next deployment I'll have plenty of time available to check and correct (if necessary) its collimation.

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