Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Please Come to Boston...

Aboard USS Salem CA-139
Okay...I think I've overdosed on fun this weekend! First--on Saturday--I traveled to Quincy MA to explore the museum ship USS Salem and then cooled-off while wandering the Boston Museum of Science. The next day (Sunday) was all about USS Constitution and USS Cassin Young, followed by a long, leisurely stroll thru the city (no actual destination in mind).
USS Constitution in Drydock
The 'Fletcher'-class DD USS Cassin Young
On Sunday I had a special treat; my old Shipmate Stephen Godfroy invited me to come along as stowaway on the harbor tour boat he Captains. I had a great time kibitzing in the wheelhouse and talking old times with him and his crew. (Note: much as I enjoyed the experience and admired Stephen's handling of 'Majesty' I don't think I'll be trading-in my tankers for the coastal trade...I personally prefer to have a little more sea-room!!)
MV Majesty at Long Wharf

Captain Stephen Godfroy

At this stage I'm worn out after three days of hard-core tourism...It was a great weekend and certainly one of the most enjoyable port-visits I've had in a very long time.Yes, I could have worked all three days of the Holiday weekend and reaped a substantial amount of overtime pay, but I think that taking a little time off was a good idea, and sailing again with an old Shipmate was the best Birthday present I could have received!

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