Thursday, January 26, 2017

Quick Post: First Light

Last night: "First Light" for my newest telescope, a 6" (1200mm fl) Skywatcher Newtonian which I've installed on an old Vixen Super Polaris mount and tripod. It's very old-school (that's how I roll), with not a single electronic circuit or motor to be seen, but I'm very pleased with my initial observations with this 'scope; Venus showed its half-phase very clearly, the Andromeda Galaxy and satellite galaxies M32 and M110 were beautiful (even in my light-polluted location), and the Double Cluster in Perseus filled the field at 30X--spectacular! I've wanted a long-tube reflector like this for many years, and sitting under the stars last night in my back garden with double star Gamma Andromedae sharply defined at 120X, I am quite happy with my new "optik tube".

This evening is forecast to be even better than last night...can you guess what I'll be doing?

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