Sunday, July 19, 2015

Magical Mystery Tour

Today I'm pleased to present as guest-blogger my own dear wife Lucy.  She and I have shared many a voyage over the years, and I think it's only fitting that she have her "say" on A Sea of Stars.

The world holds its collective breath as a little probe called New Horizons turns its ears, eyes, and nose towards a little world known as Pluto. 

It has been a long time since the world seemed so united in one goal, so filled with expectation and wonder, that for a few minutes the horrors of wars, floods, hunger and devastation were pushed aside to eagerly await news from the deepest reaches of space.

The wonder, the sheer amazement of this most recent mission by NASA can only be compared to the marvel of the Viking mission to Mars.

On July 20, 1976, the world waited, united, as the first ever transmission from Mars was broadcast. Line by delicate line, the Martian plain came into focus.  Viking 1 had made planet-fall on Mars.  NASA had begun to wow us with the wonders of our planetary neighbors. 

Through the years, we have marveled at Jupiter and the Red spot; Saturn's mysterious hexagon; Neptune and it's beautiful blue oceans.  Now,  Pluto has charmed it's way into everyone's hearts.   Demoted to a 'dwarf planet', Pluto has become the darling 'child' of the solar system.

Now, through the incredible hard work and dedication of many men and women, we know that Pluto has a heart, that it has mountains of ice, and that Charon has a canyon almost 500 miles long!  Wowie!   

Where to next, NASA?  Alpha Centauri?  Is there Vulcan in our future?  What's with the white spots on Ceres?  And what's up with that hexagon on Saturn anyway?

Amaze me, thrill me with the mysteries of our own neighborhood!
New Horizons, the little probe that could. Hurrah!  And Curiosity, still chugging away on the Martian plains.
Take me away, on a wonderful, magical, mystery tour! 
      Lucy M. Epps


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