Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Peristeri Nights

Athens, Day Five. Another day/night, another star party! This, the latest in a series of stargazing event in and around Athens, is part of a collaboration between National Geographic and the local astronomical scene (both Pro & Am) to generate interest in NatGeo's new production "Mars".

My great fortune is in 'Grumman's visit to Athens on the very week that this massive Outreach effort is happening--and that the good folks at the National Observatory Visitor Centre in Thissio not only kept me informed about the upcoming series of star parties but allowed me to join-in and actually participate in the events!

Now THIS is what I call a great port-visit...

Only one photo for this one--I was much too busy running the Astroscan and giving the good people of Peristeri (where last night's event was held) a peek at double star Albireo and the Pleiades, or "seven sisters", to manage more than a cursory photographic effort. Other scopes at the party concentrated on close-up views of Mars and double stars; I played to the Astroscan's strengths; wide field and low-power to present a fine view of M45.

Tonight; one last engagement in the star party marathon, on a hill to the south of Piraeus. Tomorrow morning it's back to work!

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