Thursday, November 24, 2016

Ships Of Piraeus

HS Giorgios Averof

The Greek cruiser 'Giorgios Averof' and destroyer 'Velos' made for a terrific start to our afternoon in Piraeus! 'Averof' is a veteran of the Balkan Wars of the early 1900s, WWI and WWII, while 'Velos' is a former USN destroyer of the 'Fletcher' class. Both of these classic ships are beautifully preserved (inside and out) and presented. there is a LOT of love here.
HS Velos

Moored alongside 'Velos' lies 'Olympias', a reproduction of an ancient Greek Trireme of the type that fought the Persian fleet in the Battle of Salamis. (I would love to see her underway in the hands of professional oarsmen!)
An ancient Ship...and a modern Sailor!

Our final maritime specimen of the day is the steamship 'Hellas Liberty', one of only three remaining "Liberty" ships of WWII. Visiting her was a bit of a shock for me--she was in SUCH pristine condition inside and out that it was a bit difficult to believe she first kissed water over seventy years ago!
Steamship 'Hellas Liberty'
Okay, this veteran ship-spotter is pretty blown-away by all of the maritime history in evidence here in Piraeus! So much to see and do...and so very little time.

A few more photos of 'Hellas Liberty'...

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