Monday, October 26, 2015

Lunation 195: The 13-Day-Old Moon

Okay, full disclosure here!  The photo above was not taken last night as planned--it is a shot I took back in May from the deck of USNS John Lenthall in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.  The weather last night was
terrible for photography--overcast with some light rain--and so I am displaying this image as a filler.

But what a filler!  Keep in mind that I took this with a hand-held camera using manual aperture and exposure settings, from the deck of a ship that was underway in the Med.  I'm quite proud of this one--it's pretty sharp even though it was taken aboard a lightly pitching and rolling ship--and it was this result that has spurred me toward more ambitious photographic projects like "Lunation 195" and others I have in the works.

So no, this isn't technically part of my Lunation series, but it fits into the sequence of images well, and it was my inspiration for further astro-photographic endeavors, and as such I include it today.  The weather forecast continues to look gloomy for tonight, so Day 14 in the Lunation series might well be another "filler" from the imagery files.

We shall see...

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