Thursday, October 8, 2015

Quick Post: The Reunion

After five weeks of clouds (alternately accompanied by heavy rain, fog, a nor'easter and, lastly, a hurricane) the skies have cleared; as I left the house I looked up to see the tangled skein of the Pleiades high in the south and Orion hiding in the upper branches of one of our oaks. Toward the east the waning Moon joined Venus to make a beautiful pairing in the first glow of twilight, Luna's crescent framing an oval of Earthshine. The air clear and crisp with Autumn's breath made me shiver momentarily, and the rustle of leaves at my feet seemed to whisper that the stars had missed me just as I'd missed them. The moment passed and I headed for my car and the early morning drive to the base, but I will remember, I think, that glimpse of the heavens and the pleasure of that exchange of greetings between old friends reunited.

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