Friday, October 30, 2015

Lunation 195: The 17-Day-Old Moon

I awoke this morning to an overcast sky; Luna was a slightly brighter spot in the clouds. Going about my morning routine (first and second cup of tea, booting-up laptop to check mail and FB--NPR on the radio) I suddenly noticed that the sky was clearing! Rushed out with camera and tripod, set up on the back porch, and barely had time to catch our Moon before she vanished behind the neighbor's trees!

Today Luna is 17 days "old"; that is, 17 days into Lunation 195. Keep watching in the morning hours as she shrinks from her current Gibbous phase, through Last Quarter and waning Crescent to New--and the beginning of Lunation 196! If you aren't an early riser, then keep your eye on this space--weather permitting , I'll be out there in the dark...just shooting the Moon.

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