Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lunation 195: The 14-Day-Old Moon

Total Lunar Eclipse 15-16 June 2011
Once again, faced with heavy overcast and light showers curtailing my photographic efforts, I turn to my photo album for a suitable image.  This time, to represent last night's (invisible) 14-day-old satellite I present the Full Moon from June 15, 2011--and as a bonus feature a Total Lunar Eclipse as viewed from the Indian Ocean!

I managed to gather many of USNS Arctic's crew on the flight deck that breezy, choppy evening off the coast of Somalia; I'd been distributing information about the upcoming event for several days via email and posters in the crew lounges and other common areas (this is what I do).  I was gratified by the turn-out, and by the spectacular show that Luna put on that night!

I was using a pocket digital camera (a Sony I believe) at that time, and many of the photos I took that evening (over 350 shots!) were under-exposed or out-of-focus, but I'm happy to post this montage of the best images of that night when Luna slipped into Earth's shadow for a short time, putting on a show for the fortunate Mariners aboard a ship that just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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